23:00 | FRIDAY | 26/10/2018 Mo:sa:ic x Kizen

In 2017, Romi co-founded Kizen Records with his label partner Linda. Their first release HOY EP features talented Spanish artist Javier Marimon.

We proudly feature both of them with an all night long hybrid set at October's mo:sa:ic.

Javier Marimon
Coming from Madrid, but established in Asia, Javier goes liquid and abstracted. Gaseous rhythms and patterns evolving to high resonance, squared, solid beats; white noise to heal and poligonal dancing moves.

Exposes imagination and thought by experimenting with sound to create his very own music vision. His sets reflect his wide musical background, yet carrying a very specific sound that is consistently directed towards generating an atmospheric abyss, which invites the listener to get lost on an individual journey of possibilities.

Artwork: Javier Marimon

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